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Grow trucks

HEAVY MATERIAL = Roadbase, gravel, pebbles. LIGHT MATERIAL = Mulch
Sand and soil weights vary – please call to enquire. 

Grow Small Truck – delivery 3m³ or less of heavy material or up to 7m³ of light material

Grow Medium Truck– delivery 4m³ or less of heavy material or up to 5m³ of light material
SPLIT LOADS ; 2m³ heavy + 2m³ heavy OR 2m³ heavy + 3m³ light

Grow Large Truck – delivery 6m³ heavy material or 15m³ of light material

Grow Extra Large Truck – delivery up to 8m³ heavy material and 15m³ light material

*Note – for more than 1 product delivery please contact the office.

split deliveries

For orders of more than one product, sometimes your order may able to fit into one grow truck.

Orders outside these parameters may need to be split into 2 trucks which equals two delivery costs. Please contact us about your order.

crane truck deliveries

Some products will require delivery by a Crane Truck. This will be quoted once destination and weight of product has been confirmed. Payment will be required prior to dispatch. Please contact us to arrange.