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Full of Character

recycled timber

You’ll find a unique range of recycled timber, some over 100 years old, at Grow Landscape Yard. Our recycled wood includes old railway sleepers, and various other recycled hardwood timber sourced from old factories, railways, wharves and bridges. Beautifully seasoned they are full of character. Visit us and see how we have breathed new life into some of our recycled timber range.


recycled timber
Bridge Timber
Our reclaimed timber from old bridges, many with the pins, bolts, plates and checking of yesteryear, are perfect for retaining walls, garden edging, seating around a fire pit and so much more. Measuring 400 by 400mm, and 1,900mm in length, they bring new meaning to the words durable and rustic.
Timber Pieces
The mixed recycled wood and reclaimed timber pieces at Grow are predominantly sourced from old wharves, factories and bridges. Including both recycled timber posts and sawn timber, they are perfect for building architectural feature pieces like archways and entrances, framing screens and much more. All are different shapes and sizes, so contact us for a quote.


Railway Sleepers
Recycled railway sleepers, some with holes and others with old steel pins, are ideal for creating rustic retaining walls, pebble pathways, garden edges, fire pit seating and gateways. Old railway sleepers are approximately 2140mm long, 100mm high and 210mm wide and are priced according to their condition/grading.


Sand, gravel, bark, rock, timber and building supplies – everything to build and maintain your outdoors. Place your order online now or call us, for a quick delivery.

garden art

Create a special feature in your garden with an amazing sculpture, metal screen, fire pit or oversized planter. Our garden art range is unique and will transform your outdoors.

our services

Our experienced and friendly team aim to deliver your landscape supplies in the fastest, most efficient manner. Pick them up from the yard or we can deliver them to your home.