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Garden Ornaments

garden art & garden ornaments

Garden art and metal garden ornaments are part of the landscape we have created at Grow Landscape Yard. Come and visit us to draw inspiration for your own landscape garden ideas. See a unique range of garden features like garden wall art, sculptures, screens, pots, planters and repurposed fire pits. Create a different look and feel with something special from our amazing range of garden ornaments and metal garden art.


Fire Pits
Only at Grow Landscape Yard can you find such an original range of outdoor fire pits and practical fire pit ideas for creating the perfect outdoor area. All repurposed from the mining industry they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
garden screens
Garden Screens
If you are looking for garden screen ideas then our repurposed decorative outdoor screens offer a unique alternative. All laser cut in a range of styles, their heavy weight construction affords them a durability other metal garden screens just can’t match.
Pots & Planters
Our recycled steel planter rings are an excellent substitute for extra-large pots for trees. They come in a variety of sizes and make a real statement, wherever they are used. By contrast our select range of indoor pots, garden pots, oversized garden pots and planters are ideal for more formal settings.
Garden Sculptures

Innovative and distinctive garden sculptures, metal art and garden statues come in sizes both large and small. Some of our metal garden art is functional, yet all are decorative, and they will bring a personality and creativity to your garden.


Sand, gravel, bark, rock, timber and building supplies – everything to build and maintain your outdoors. Place your order online now or call us, for a quick delivery in our Grow trucks.

building products

Grow Landscape Yard has a wide range of building products for landscape construction projects of all sizes. Whatever you need; we’re sure to have it at the Grow Landscape Yard.


From railways, wharves, bridges and factories; Grow recycled timbers are well-seasoned, durable and full of character. Create something special from our historic timber pieces.


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